Although Alix slept very little at night, she felt well. Of course I was present for our daughter’s bath. She is a big baby weighing 10 pounds and measuring 55 centimetres. I can hardly believe it’s really our child! God what happiness!!! At 12 o’clock the whole family arrived for a service of thanksgiving. Lunched alone with Mama. Alix spent the whole day lying in the mauve room, for a change of air. She felt well, so did the little darling. There was a mountain of telegrams.
—Nicky’s Diary, 4 November (via historyofromanovs)

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I love them more then I’ll ever admit. 

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The Romanov Family || Here’s To You.

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I always love finding photographs of the Romanovs I have never seen before. I always hope there are more and more

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I’m always sad when i think of how they ended but then i remember thats what got me interested..

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Sometimes I day dream about going back in time and saving them.

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